Supportive supplements in sports nutrition

Supportive supplements in sports nutrition lanier pharma

We all know the enormous benefits of regular exercise in our health. However, there are times when, even if we eat a balanced and varied diet, exercise creates special needs or additional nutritional deficiencies that must be met to maintain optimal health. These extra requirements increase exponentially the more demanding the physical exercise you do.

Sports nutrition supplements are products that contain nutrients or substances that can improve the performance, recovery, or health of athletes. Knowing them and using them properly will make a big difference to both your athletic performance and your overall health.

Take good care of your muscles

In order to exercise healthily and consistently, you need to take care of your muscles properly. It is essential to observe a correct warm-up, sports practice, training, and rest routine.

You should not forget to take care of the nutritional and physiological needs that your body will demand, especially your muscles, due to exercise. If you exercise regularly, especially if it is intense, your body will generate specific demands that you can meet for the most part with healthy and adapted nutrition. However, in certain circumstances, you will need supplementation which, if provided correctly, will increase both your physical performance and your health. To do this, you should always consult a specialist for advice not only on which supplements to choose, but also how, when and in what doses to take them.

Get to know BCAAs

BCCAs are one of the most recommended supplements. They are branched-chain amino acids made up of leucine, isoleucine and valine. They make up approximately one third of skeletal muscle protein and are therefore necessary to maintain and build skeletal muscle.

  • They are essential for energy metabolism during exercise
  • They improve athletic performance in both aerobic and anaerobic activities
  • They reduce muscle soreness after training

Always keep in mind that they must be combined in the right ratio and amount to achieve their benefits. The right ratio is 2:1:1 for leucine, isoleucine and valine respectively.

Supportive supplements in sports nutrition

If you play a demanding sport, you need to increase muscle strength and energy

There are a few elements that will help you do this:

Citrulline, specifically citrulline malate, has been shown to be highly effective in reducing physical fatigue and accelerating muscle recovery. This substance promotes the production of nitric oxide, a molecule which plays a key role in muscle physiology.

It increases the muscle’s use of glucose, simulates contraction, and promotes circulation and oxygenation. It will help you eliminate ammonia, a waste substance that increases significantly during exercise, leading to muscle fatigue, and is almost essential if you do high-intensity sports!

Taurine is also another very interesting amino acid if you are an athlete. In principle, it is not essential, but it is rapidly depleted under heavy physical stress. It is therefore necessary to increase your intake if you do sport regularly.

This substance is involved in several processes that benefit the muscles, such as increased energy utilization. It also has important anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions. Adequate levels of taurine in your body will also reduce annoying muscle cramps.

Carnitine is well known as an adjuvant in sport, especially when you want to reduce body fat, as it promotes fat burning by demanding energy while exercising. It should be taken half an hour before training for better results.

HMB is the ideal supplement for strong muscles. It increases muscle protein synthesis and prevents muscle protein breakdown. As a result, you will gain muscle mass and power. It is also highly recommended if you enjoy power sports, as it reduces muscle damage and increases aerobic endurance. Although it is present in foods such as avocado or broccoli, to notice results you need about 500 mg. per intake.

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