What is Lanier Pharma?


Lanier Pharma is a pharmaceutical company specialising in the research, development and marketing of nutraceuticals, natural food supplements, throughout the European Union.

It faces the challenges demanded by a society in constant evolution and works with the utmost responsibility, to be a reference brand, with the ability to offer innovative products of the highest quality, which contribute to the maintenance of health and quality of life of people.

We move forward for you

Lanier Pharma has a multidisciplinary team with more than 30 years of proven experience in the health and pharma sectors. All of them are specialists in the sector, whose philosophy is teamwork, based on science and innovation, with an entrepreneurial spirit, but always putting people at the centre.



Lanier Pharma nutraceuticals are manufactured in the EU to the highest quality standards. They are unique and differential products, with innovative formulations, which provide an effective and proven response to the health needs of people, with the aim of maintaining their quality of life.