Our products are now available in Pharmacius!

empezamos a trabajar con pharmacius

At Lanier Pharma we never stop researching and innovating in our quest for excellence, not only in the formulation of our nutraceuticals but in all the steps that make it easier for the product to reach you. That is why we are proud to collaborate with Pharmacius, an online pharmacy specialising in health and beauty […]

Do you know what good cholesterol is?

nutracéuticos para reducir el colesterol malo y aumentar el bueno

Generally, when we talk about cholesterol, we do it in negative terms. Indeed, bad or LDL cholesterol, when present in excess, can cause serious health problems. But did you know that there is a bad and a good cholesterol? Let’s take a look at them! Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol and triglycerides Good and bad cholesterol […]