Altiusvit Forte

Improve your sporting performance

It is an innovative product, designed and formulated to help athletes and people who train regularly to achieve effective recovery mechanisms. Product suitable for consumption by sportsmen and women. Its components are amino acids, all of which are non-doping substances.
24 drinkable sticks
CN 209863.3

Citrulline malate

It reduces muscle fatigue by helping to eliminate lactic acid from the muscle and promoting the elimination of ammonia.

Citrulline malate

It promotes the synthesis of nitric oxide which, in turn, regulates important physiological functions of the muscle, such as increased glucose uptake and oxidation, which increases energy production at the muscle level, promotes contractility, and regulates blood flow, which promotes muscle repair.

HMB (β-hydroxy-β-butyrate)

It increases muscle mass and reduces muscle damage, and is very effective in high-endurance sports (cycling, long-distance running) as well as in power sports (football, rowing, water polo, judo).

It is considered to be the most important regulator of protein anabolism, increasing protein synthesis.

BCAA's. (2:1:1) (Leucina, Isoleucina, Valina)

The branched chain amino acids (BCCA’s) leucine, isoleucine and valine make up approximately one third of skeletal muscle protein and are necessary for muscle protein synthesis, contributing to energy metabolism during exercise.

Leucine is the most important and is found naturally in muscle.


Taurine helps improve athletic performance by playing a beneficial role in various metabolic and physiological processes, such as glucose and lipid regulation, energy metabolism, inflammatory modulation and antioxidant actions.

1 drinkable stick after exercise. In case of intense exercise, 1 stick before and 1 stick after exercise.
Shake before use.

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What are the benefits of taking Altiusvit Forte on sports performance?
Due to the properties of its components, it can provide great benefits in combating fatigue, reducing tiredness, and improving recovery. It increases strength during training and competition, and allows you to train at maximum capacity by increasing energy availability while strengthening the immune system.
When should Altiusvit Forte be taken?
Before and after exercise.
Why is it important for athletes to take Altiusvit Forte?
The secret to improving sports performance, maintaining the state of health of professional sportsmen and women and staying in good shape is to follow a specific supplementation plan to prevent muscle destruction and improve recovery after exercise. Therefore, to optimally carry out all the body's physiological processes, we recommend taking Altiusvit Forte daily and in the appropriate dose, which in cases of maximum effort will be 2 drinkable sticks a day.
What are the characteristics of Altiusvit Forte's activity?
Its activity is the sum of the activities demonstrated by its components in numerous research studies'. Citrulline malate promotes nitric oxide (NO) synthesis, thereby increasing energy production at muscle level and reducing lactic acid. HMB (β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate), a metabolite of leucine, increases muscle mass and reduces muscle damage after exercise. It is considered to be the most important regulator of protein anabolism, increasing protein synthesis. BCAA's (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) are the key to muscle protein synthesis (anabolism), contributing to energy metabolism during exercise. They also slow down the rate of protein degradation in muscle. Taurine plays a beneficial role in the regulation of various metabolic and physiological processes, such as glucose and lipid regulation and energy metabolism.
In which sports is it particularly suitable?
In general, it is useful for all sportsmen and women, both strength and endurance sports. In both types of sport, due to the anabolic properties of the product, it helps to build and repair muscles, i.e. it reduces protein breakdown and increases strength.
Can Altiusvit Forte have doping implications for athletes?
Its components are all permitted substances, as they are amino acids. Furthermore, during the careful manufacturing process, there is no risk of cross-contamination with any substance or medicine, which could alter this situation.

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