The best exercise disciplines for pain relief

The best exercise disciplines for pain relief

Sometimes circumstances mean we have to live with pain more than we would like. Sometimes, even when our ailments become chronic, they can make our lives much more difficult. Fortunately, nowadays we have a lot of medical and therapeutic resources that can help us to mitigate or even eliminate pain. In this article, we will […]

How to manage neuropathic pain?

¿Cómo controlar el dolor neuropático?

Neuropathic pain is the result of damage or dysfunction of the peripheral or central nervous system, which interprets normal stimuli as painful. Patients with such pain often report sensations of tingling, numbness, burning or warmth, loss of sensation or hypersensitivity, cramping, tightness, pins, and needles, or drafts. Natural treatments and supplements help to space and […]

Why UC-II collagen is the one that really works

Why UC-II collagen is the one that really works

Collagen is a protein that is part of our body. Thanks to it we maintain, among many other things, the firmness of our skin, the flexibility of our arteries and, above all, our muscles and joints healthy. For all these reasons, it is an essential supplement that has become fashionable in recent years. Types of […]

Istivan: your ally to avoid urinary infections

istivan evitar infecciones urinarias nutracéutico

Natural supplements to prevent UITs are an increasingly popular choice for people looking to relieve symptoms and prevent recurrences of this annoying condition. UTIs, also known as cystitis or urinary tract infections (UTIs), occur when bacteria that normally inhabit the bowel or genital area enter the bladder and multiply, causing inflammation, pain, burning during urination […]

Summer is here! Enjoy it to the fullest by avoiding urinary tract infections

Cystitis is an annoying urinary tract infection that mainly affects women and is caused by bladder inflammation. The most common symptoms are difficulty and burning when urinating, frequent urination, pain in the pelvic area, and often blood or pus in the urine. Cystitis is very common in summer Cystitis can have several causes, but one […]

Are you still not familiar with the benefits of natural supplements to prevent illness?

natural supplements to prevent illness

Natural supplements are substances obtained from plants, animals, or minerals that have beneficial properties for health. They are usually consumed in order to improve the general state of health and ensure well-being, although they are particularly useful for preventing certain imbalances or deficiencies sustained for years, which can lead to serious illnesses. Our body often […]

Is taurine the elixir of eternal youth?

Humans have spent centuries researching ways to stay young and healthy for as long as possible. We no longer seek the source of eternal youth in myths and legends but rely instead on rigorous and proven scientific studies. In this regard, the results of a study carried out by Columbia University (New York, USA), published […]

Tips for preventing chronic diseases

Consejos para prevenir las enfermedades crónicas

Chronic diseases are long-term illnesses that cannot be cured entirely. They tend to become more common as we age and their progression is usually slow. Among the most common are cardiovascular diseases, cancer, hypertension, asthma, arthritis, and diabetes. They affect people’s quality of life and can have serious complications if not properly controlled. Most can […]