Is taurine the elixir of eternal youth?

Humans have spent centuries researching ways to stay young and healthy for as long as possible. We no longer seek the source of eternal youth in myths and legends but rely instead on rigorous and proven scientific studies.

In this regard, the results of a study carried out by Columbia University (New York, USA), published in the prestigious journal Science, have just come to light, showing that maintaining high levels of taurine increases the quality of life expectancy in the animals investigated.

Parminder Singh et al., Taurine deficiency as a driver of aging. Science 380, eabn9257 (2023). DOI: 10.1126/science.abn9257

Taurine helps us live longer and better lives

This very large study, involving multiple researchers from around the world, proves that increasing the amounts of taurine in the study of animals increases their life expectancy and quality of life. They have also recorded very significant improvements in bone, eye, cellular, metabolic, and immune health.

These studies have been carried out in animals as diverse as worms and mice, with identical positive results. But it is the studies on primates, animals very similar to us, which open a direct door to the rejuvenating use of taurine in humans.

This amino acid is classified as semi-essential, i.e. it is produced by our own body, generally in smaller quantities than necessary. Taurine decreases with age, although it can also decline due to circumstances common in our modern lives such as prolonged stress or strenuous physical activity.

An Amino acid packed with benefits

Taurine is currently in the news because of this surprising study, but it already had many clinical studies behind it that spoke of its many other important benefits.

  1. It has a strong hypoglycemia action, helping us to metabolize glucose correctly. This is a tremendously interesting effect, given that excess glucose in the blood- or hyperglycemia – is one of the great evils of our times.
  2. Another of its interesting functions is that it regulates and keeps our nervous system healthy, with all the enormous benefits that this entails.
  3. It is also an essential component in keeping our immune system strong and active.
  4. It plays n active part in digestion, as it is very much involved in the production of bile salts. Its detoxifying and antioxidant effects are well established.
  5. As it is involved in energy production, it helps us to feel more vital and less tired.

Sport and supplementation: allies for a long and fulfilling life.

In addition to these benefits, taurine has a significant effect on the muscular and energy system. Taurine has proven effects on our entire muscular system, not only keeping skeletal muscle mass healthy but also protecting our most important muscle, the heart.

High levels of taurine ensure healthy, active muscle mass while increasing strength, endurance, and recovery.

If you do intense sport, increasing taurine levels in your body is very positive, as it is an inhibitor of inflammation of all kinds, including that which often occurs during intense physical exercise. High taurine levels ensure faster muscle recovery and less fatigue.

it will come as no surprise to learn that it is one of the most valuable substances used in any physical or sporting activity.

That is why, at Lanier Pharma, we have included it in our Altiusvit Forte formulation, designed to keep your muscular system strong and healthy, reducing fatigue and muscle recovery time.