Start the year full of defenses: Inmunizat and Inmunizat for Children

Empieza el año cargado de defensas: Inmunizat e Inmunizat Infantil

2024 is upon us. Although Christmas is a time of excitement and celebrations, it is also a time of stress, unavoidable commitments, complicated agendas, and high emotions. What does this mean? A rather drastic drop in our defenses makes us more vulnerable to colds and flu.

At Lanier Pharma, we want nothing to stop you this Christmas, so we will help you take care of your defenses with our star products: Inmunizat and Inmunizat Infantil.

Seek a real boost to your defenses

Our immune system is often overwhelmed. The modern pace of life generates a lot of stress, our diet is not always as healthy as it should be and we are increasingly exposed to all kinds of viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. These are just some of the causes that greatly weaken our defenses, and believe us, there are many, many more. The arrival of cold weather, changes in temperature between indoors and outdoors, variations in routines, and Christmas stress mean that our defenses don’t work as well as they should.

So it’s not surprising that we suffer more and more colds, cases of flu, pharyngitis… and our children catch them so easily at school.

It’s time to give our defenses real support so that our immune system is at 100%. And we achieve this by providing natural, functional nutrients with proven clinical efficacy.

Talk of defenses and the immune system has been all the rage in recent years. But make no mistake, not everything that is advertised as good for our defenses has a real and lasting impact on our immune system. For this to be the case, i.e. for a product or substance to help strengthen our defenses, it has to have clinical studies behind it to back up such claims. It must be manufactured with hygiene and purity measures that guarantee the quality of the raw material. Furthermore, it must be formulated in minimum and maximum weighted quantities that guarantee not only its efficacy but also its safety.

All these requirements and more make a product effective and safe for improving our defenses.

Adequate supplementation makes the immune response faster, stronger, and more effective

Our laboratory can state that our two products designed to improve the immune system, Inmunizat, and Inmunizat Infantil, meet all these requirements, guaranteeing total efficacy and safety.

We use natural substances whose positive results on the immune system have been proven through clinical studies which can be consulted on our official website.

Both Inmunizat and Inmunizat Infantil are formulated with the same basic ingredients. Of course, Inmunizat Infantil comes in the right dosage for children and has a pleasant taste to make it easier to take.

Both contain Beta-glucans, namely Beta (1,3).(1,6) Glucan. These wonderful substances generate and boost the so-called “trained immunity”. It makes our defenses react earlier and more effectively to any pathogen.

They are also formulated with tannic acid, a super antioxidant, and a powerful antiviral.

The synergy includes Zinc and Selenium. Trace elements essential for the development and maintenance of normal immune system function. Specifically, clinical studies have shown a correlation between low zinc levels and a worse evolution of COVID-19 infection.

Finally, we have included the two vitamins vital to the immune system, vitamin C and D. Vitamin C regulates the immune response through its antioxidant and antiviral properties. Its strong synergy with beta-glucans multiplies its immunomodulatory power. Vitamin D, on the other hand, has gained great importance in recent years due to its enormous positive action on the adaptive and innate immune response.

That is why Lanier Pharma, your trusted nutraceutical laboratory, recommends Inminuzat and Inmunizat Infantil if you want to improve and strengthen your immune system in a real and lasting way.