Meet our new nutraceutical Inmunizat Infantil, the solution to strengthen your children’s immune system

inmunizat infantil protege el sistema inmunológico de los niños

Raising children is an exciting journey in which we try to accompany them, protecting them from any danger. Their health and well-being are always our top priority, which is why Lanier Pharma presents our new nutraceutical to keep your children’s immune systems strong and healthy: Inmunizat Infantil.

This innovative product is designed to boost children’s immune systems and offer them natural protection against infections.

The value of strong immunity for our children

We know that children are tireless explorers. For them, every day is an adventure filled with discovery, learning, and sometimes small health challenges. As parents and caregivers, we want the best for them, and keeping their immune systems in top condition is essential. This is where Inmunizat Infantil comes in, a product designed to provide exceptional support for their natural defenses.

What is Inmunizat Infantil?

Imagine an invisible shield surrounding your children, helping them face viruses and bacteria with a stronger, more effective defense. Inmunizat Infantil is exactly that.

Developed in our leading nutraceutical research laboratory, this product is formulated with natural, scientifically backed ingredients to strengthen children’s immune systems from the inside out.

The science behind Inmunizat Infantil is based on the latest advances in immunology. ‘Trained immunity’ is a concept that has captured the attention of researchers in recent years. This term refers to the ability of the innate immune system to remember past encounters with pathogens and improve its response to future infections.

The key ingredient that boosts this ‘trained immunity’ in Inmunizat Infantil is Beta (1,3)-(1,6) glucan. This compound plays an essential role in interacting with the innate immune system, stimulating a more robust and effective response to secondary heterologous stimuli, such as viruses and bacteria. It’s as if you’re equipping your little one with an extra superpower to fight off unwanted invaders.

The power of nature and science in every dose

Inmunizat Infantil is not only based on cutting-edge science but also draws on natural and beneficial ingredients. In addition to Beta-glucan, this product features a blend of concentrated carob and apple extracts, which offer antioxidant properties and further boost the immune system.

The formula also includes zinc, selenium, and vitamins C and D, all recognized for their crucial role in immune health. Tannic acid provides antioxidant and antiviral potential, contributing to the body’s overall defense.

Inmunizat Infantil is suitable for children from 3 years of age. It is not necessary to take it during rest periods, but it is always advisable to consult your pediatrician. Its easy administration, together with its delicious cherry and raspberry flavor, makes it easy to add to your child’s daily routine.

As parents, we invest in our children’s future in many ways, and their health is undoubtedly one of the most valuable investments we can make. Lanier Pharma understands this responsibility and has created Inmunizat Infantil as an effective and reliable tool to strengthen your child’s immune health.

By choosing this nutraceutical, you are choosing the power of strengthened immunity. So you can give your children the protection they deserve as they explore the world and grow strong and healthy.

Protect them today for a healthy tomorrow with Inmunizat Infantil, a triple-action product that supports, boosts, and defends the immune system from within. Discover its power!