L-Citrulline supplementation and exercise in the treatment of sarcopenia


Alberto Caballero-García, Jorge Pascual-Fernández, David César Noriega González, Hugo J Bello, Antoni Pons Biescas, Enrique Roche, Alfredo Córdova-Martínez

Nutriens. Sep 8;13(9):3133. doi:10.3339/nu13093133. 2021

Sarcopenia is a process associated with ageing. Persistent inflammation and oxidative stress in muscle promotes muscle wasting and decreases the capacity for physical activity. Controlled exercise can optimise blood flow and moderate the production of reactive oxygen species. Therefore, supplements that can function as vasodilators and control oxidative stress could be beneficial for physically active older people.

Citrulline supplementation was tested in a group of 44 people, aged between 60 and 73, who followed a physical activity programme tailored to their age and abilities. The volunteers were divided into two groups: placebo (n=22) and citrulline-treated (n=22), for six weeks.

Strength and endurance showed a tendency to increase in the citrulline group, with the improvement in walking speed in this group being particularly significant compared with the placebo group.