How to choose a natural supplement that really works

Natural supplements are an excellent option for improving health and well-being. However, with so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to find a supplement that really works. To make an informed decision, it is important to consider several key factors. In this article, we will explore with you the most relevant aspects to consider when choosing a natural, effective, and safe supplement.

What to look for to find a natural supplement that really works

Reliability of the laboratory.
The laboratory must comply with the safety, hygiene, and quality standards established by the competent authorities. Transparency in production and quality control processes are indicators of confidence in the final product.
Good manufacturing practices.
The manufacturing process of a natural supplement also determines its quality and effectiveness. Make sure the supplement is manufactured according to good manufacturing practices (GMPs). These practices ensure that the supplement is produced in a clean and controlled environment, with standardized processes that ensure the quality and consistency of the product.
A good supplement must be made from high-quality raw materials, carefully selected, and subjected to rigorous controls. It must also follow a method of extraction and standardization that guarantees the preservation and concentration of the product’s active ingredients. Finally, it must be suitably packaged to protect the product from light, heat, and humidity, and to prevent contamination or alteration.

Quality of the raw material.
The raw material is the main ingredient of a natural supplement. Therefore, the quality of the raw material used is crucial to the effectiveness of the supplement. Make sure the manufacturer uses high-quality ingredients that are pure and free of contaminants. Some supplements may contain unnecessary additives or fillers that can diminish their effectiveness. Check that the supplement contains natural ingredients and look for those that use standardized extracts to ensure proper concentration and potency.
In addition, the raw material should be identifiable and traceable, i.e. its origin, composition, and expiry date should be known.

Standardized active ingredients.
Active ingredients are the substances responsible for the therapeutic action of a natural product. A good supplement should contain standardized active ingredients, which means that a minimum and maximum concentration of these components has been established. This implies a uniform and constant concentration and purity in each batch of the product. This ensures that the supplement always has the same potency and quality. In this way, the dosage can be adjusted according to the needs of each individual, providing the desired effects in a predictable way.

En qué información nos podemos basar

Complete and clear labeling.
It should also provide clear and truthful information about the product, its ingredients, how to use it, and any side effects or contraindications.
Product size in liters, millilitres, or grams (as appropriate).
The following information must appear in clear language on the labeling:

  • The ingredients of the product, are listed from the highest to the lowest proportion.
  • The net quantity of the product is to be expressed in the corresponding measure such as liters, grams, international units, etc.
  • Specification of the amount of nutrients measured in daily doses.
  • The recommended daily consumption dose and the warning not to exceed the daily dose are expressly recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Form of consumption.
  • Date of preparation and expiry date or, failing this, best before date.
  • Manufacturer’s details.
  • Warning of adverse reactions and possible allergens.
  • Statement that the product should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.
  • The statement ‘Keep out of the reach of very young children’

Clinical studies.

Los estudios clínicos son investigaciones científicas que se realizan para comprobar la acción, eficacia y seguridad que una determinada sustancia o sinergia de sustancia tiene en el organismo humano. Un buen suplemento natural debe estar respaldado por estudios clínicos efectuados por expertos independientes, revisados por pares y publicados en revistas científicas de prestigio. Estos estudios deben demostrar que el suplemento tiene un efecto beneficioso para la salud, que no produce efectos adversos graves ni interacciones con otros medicamentos o alimentos, y que tiene una dosis óptima y adecuada para cada caso.

Desde Lanier Pharma, como empresa farmacéutica especializada en la investigación, desarrollo y comercialización de suplementos naturales en toda la Unión Europea, cumplimos todos los requisitos que garantizan un producto de calidad y eficaz. Ofreciendo además una información completa y transparente de todo el proceso productivo.