Depression, stress, and apathy: avoid a visit from these Christmas Grinchs

Depresión, estrés y apatía: evita la visita de estos Grinchs navideños

Few times are as endearing and emotional as Christmas. They are full of celebrations, family gatherings, and festive spirit, but they also have a dark side that we often forget about. Shopping for gifts, preparing special menus, and accommodating guests can be stressful. In addition, for many, it is a period of sadness, longing, and apathy. These are emotional times when we can feel the absence of our loved ones the most.

At Lanier Pharma, we want to offer you practical and simple strategies to help you get through the holidays without stress and in a good mood.

Christmas is not a TV advert

Social expectations, financial demands, and pressure to be cheerful can all contribute to overwhelming feelings. Especially if you are a compassionate person, the emotional charge of the holiday season can overwhelm you, making it difficult to cope with your feelings. That’s why we will analyze with you the main causes of stress and sadness during the holiday season so that you can successfully combat them.

Unrealistic expectations. Social pressure and unrealistic expectations about what Christmas should be like can lead to stress and anxiety. The omnipresent marketing and advertising generated by the festive season exerts a silent pressure on all of us that takes its toll.

Solution: Set realistic expectations. Christmas is not what the TV commercials make it out to be. Recognize that perfection is not attainable and that every celebration has its ups and downs. Focus on quality time, not perfection. Prioritise quality time with your loved ones rather than worrying about the flawless presentation of the festivities.

Financial pressures. This time of year is undoubtedly the most consumerist time of the year. We have to deal with a lot of extra expenses such as gifts, work dinners, family dinners… All these additional expenses can lead to financial stress.

The solution: Set a budget. Stick to a reasonable budget for gifts, meals, and entertainment.

Christmas is not only about joy but also about sadness for missing loved ones

Loneliness. For some people, the holiday season can accentuate feelings of loneliness, especially if they don’t have the opportunity to get together with family or friends.

Solution: Connect with others. If you don’t have the opportunity or the desire to spend your leisure time with family, share it with those you really feel like spending it with like-minded people, friends, neighbors, etc. There are many opportunities to connect with others, whether through community events, volunteering, or participating in group activities.

Painful memories. Christmas often evokes painful memories, especially those associated with emotional loss. This dramatically increases our sense of sadness, loss, and depression.

Solution: Don’t forget to take care of yourself. In these busy days, remember to dedicate some of your time to taking care of your physical and emotional well-being. Seek out activities that bring you joy, and calm and put things in perspective.

Practice gratitude and solidarity. Focus on the good things you have in your life, and things you are grateful for, and recognize the small joys that the holiday season brings.

Find meaning in the holiday season by participating in activities that bring you meaning, whether through religion, spirituality, or service to others.

Seek support if you need it. If you are feeling overwhelmed, seek support from friends, family or mental health professionals. Don’t feel bad about asking for help if you need it.

Fatigue and exhaustion. The hustle and bustle of these celebrations combined with our day-to-day chores often causes fatigue, exhaustion, and apathy.

The solution: Set boundaries. Learn to say “no” in a respectful way if you feel you are taking on too much responsibility. Plan as much as you can in advance. Whenever possible, organize your commitments and responsibilities in advance to reduce the stress of the last one. If plans go awry, don’t stress and let yourself go, there is always a solution if we are calm.

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