Induces the formation of natural collagen, promoting cartilage repair. With new generation Collagen type II (UC-II), it reduces pain and inflammation.

TRINEUROL helps to reduce neuropathic pain arising as a direct consequence of injury or disease of the somatosensory system.


With Monacolin, the safest and most effective nutraceutical for maintaining cholesterol levels, and plant-based marine Omega 3.
Due to its immunomodulatory action, it is particularly indicated for the prevention and treatment of infections caused by viruses and bacteria in children.
Due to its immunomodulatory action, it is particularly indicated for the prevention and treatment of infections caused by viruses and bacteria.
It includes in its formulation American Cranberry, PAC’s, Mannose and Probiotic, which complement each other in a triple mechanism of action, to prevent the recurrence of urinary tract infections.

Muscle fatigue is an impairment of this function or of the central nervous system’s ability to activate the muscles. This fatigue can be caused by overexertion or by mental or pathological factors.


Specially formulated to enhance athletic performance by helping people who train regularly to achieve effective recovery mechanisms. Product suitable for consumption by sportsmen and women. Its components are amino acids, all of which are non-doping substances.