Helps to reduce neuropathic pain and maintain cognitive status

TRINEUROL is an association of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Tryptophan, Acetyl L-Carnitine and vitamins B, C and D complex, which reduces neuropathic pain and maintains cognitive status.
30 vegetable capsules
CN 209435.2

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid reduces the production of cytokines and other pro-inflammatory factors that accompany pain and inflammation processes in certain neuropathies.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

It has the unique characteristic of being water-soluble and fat-soluble, which gives it the ability to cross all membranes, including the blood-brain membrane.


Essential amino acid, one of the 20 included in the genetic code.
It is essential for the production of:
Melatonin, which regulates the sleep-wake cycle.
Serotonin, which also regulates sleep, appetite, pain and mood.


Together with Lipoic Acid, they are non-pharmacological products that have been shown to improve pain in people with neuropathy.
Promotes peripheral nerve regeneration and nerve conduction.

Vitaminas B1, B6, B12

Vitamins B1, B6, B12

Vitamin D

Limits cognitive decline and disease progression in patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

Vitamin C

It plays a crucial role in neurotransmission and neuronal maturation.
Improves neuropathological disorders and memory.

Take one capsule a day.

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What is neuropathic pain?
Neuropathic pain is defined as pain that occurs as a direct consequence of a lesion or disease of the nervous system. According to the location of the lesion, it is classified as peripheral, 90 % of cases, or central. Examples of neuropathic pain are: sciatica, chronic low back pain, trigeminal neuralgia, etc.
How should Trineurol be taken?
The dose is 1 capsule per day, preferably taken in the morning, with water.
When is it contraindicated?
Not to be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women. It should not be used by people who are being treated with antidepressants or who suffer from renal insufficiency.
What is alpha lipoic acid?
It is considered to be the most powerful antioxidant or "universal antioxidant", reducing the effect of free radicals, one of the most damaging factors for the integrity and functionality of tissues, particularly nervous tissue.
How long can Trineurol be taken?
In both short-term and long-term alpha lipoic acid treatments over 4 years, improvements in the evolution of pain and muscle weakness were observed.
Is it good to exercise if you have neuropathic pain?
Regular exercise, such as walking at least three times a week, can help reduce neuropathic pain and improve muscle strength.

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